Welcome to WS International

Welcome to WS International – your leader in business facilitation services for the textile industry. With over 45 years of sound industry experience (both local and international), and an impressive list of several board membership titles held over the past few decades, we are well equipped to provide effective business solutions to organisations within the industry.

In a nutshell, we offer general business advice and facilitate productivity and quality management improvement. We provide advice and facilitation for asset disposal processes and concepts. In addition, we act as an investment advisor to private and public companies (as well as banks), regarding textile pipelines. Our solid inter-continental experience enables us to effectively connect industrial and commercial enterprises between Southern Africa and Europe, as well as Eastern countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and China, to name but a few.

Having performed tasks both large and small, both locally and internationally, and having worked within the various divisions of the textile industry, we truly have a bird’s eye view when it comes to implementing business solutions and improving efficiency within an organisation.

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